Nepal Dalit Literature & Culture Academy

Nepal Dalit Literature & Culture Academy is officially registered under the Nepal Government 2049 BS as a non-profit organization. It engages in researches Dalit literature in Nepal and published Dalit literature books especially Dalit social groups. both from Hill and Madhesh. It firmly believes that real change can only Dalit and non Dalit, disseminating knowledge, In this manner, it has been engaging in different thematic areas such as: Dalit Human Rights; Social Inclusion; Dalit literature and Culture, Education and Media.


Nepal Dalit Literature & Culture Academy


केटी जिस्क्याउनु हिंसा की विशिष्ठ युवा संस्कृति ?

सरोजदिलु विश्वकर्मा पछिल्लाो समयमा केटी जिस्क्याउनुलाई महिलाविरुद्धको अपराध मानिदै विभिन्न कानुनहरु बनेका छन् । युवतीलाई...